Top 10 Most Pinned Designs

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Design Elements: Metal Finishes

At RCI we are firm believers in defining style by our clients and their needs rather than by current trends. We make it a point to cater to people rather than “what’s popular”. As designers we know that metal finishes are often the “jewlery of the space” and each space requires different metals that feel […]

Design Tips: Styling a Home

Styling a home may seem like a challenging task for some people.  However, it can be much more simple and fun than you would imagine!  Vignettes are one of the great ways that you can style your home.  These are fabulous little groupings of objects that can add character and create a more exciting space with fun accent […]

Designer Tips: Arranging a Room

This time of year, while spending more time inside, we see clients take notice of those rooms they typically avoid.  A common reason is the layout of the space. Designer Tip…pull your furniture away from the wall. This will create a cozy space that encourages conversation and more frequent use of the room!

Design Elements: Fireplaces

WOW, Tuesday, January 7, 2014 in Northwest Ohio and we are all freezing!  Literally, we have 2′ of snow on the ground and the windchill is dangerous and the schools have announced day 3 of closings for tomorrow!  I am going out of my mind with being in the office~ extended periods of office time […]