Did You Know: Tile Education

There are many types of tile available and a variety of different uses!  Sometimes it might be hard to decide when to use or not to use a certain type of tile.  Tile can be used anywhere from shower walls to a kitchen backsplash to an exterior space.  It’s good to know tile appropriateness, how to […]

Designer Tips: Hanging Artwork Part 3 of 3

Do you dream about the designer magazine pages and Pinterest pins of photo wall collages? The RCI “Designer Tip” to creating those masterpieces can be simple, if you follow these little steps! Layout your design and move the pieces around til most visually appealing to you.  You will want to flip the design upside down […]

Designer Tips: Hanging Artwork Part 2 of 3

Now that you have mastered hanging your artwork at the end of the hall or in the pass through to the kitchen, what about hanging artwork over your fireplace? We have previously talked about the rule of 3’s and 5’s (or 3rd’s and 5th’s), this is a perfect place to consider that rule. When hanging […]