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Finishing Touches: Accent Pillows

Believe it or not, accents and accent pillows can really bring a whole room together. They can be paired in unique ways to add interest to a space. Here are some of my favorite RCI projects that incorporate the use of accent pillows to bring rooms together: In this space, the accent pillows give some […]

Designer Tips: Appliance Colors

A common question posed by clients we are working with or a new acquaintance who has just discovered what it is that we do for a living, makes a great and quick “Designer Tip” topic for today. The question…”What color should my kitchen appliances be?” Now, this question recently has a quick follow up question […]

Dipping My Toes into the Interior Design World

I never listened to my parents when they told me how fast I grew up. I didn’t realize I actually had until I was applying for internships and apartments of my own. It’s a big step in the adult world when you have to pay your own bills and focus in on what you actually […]

Life as a Student Interior Design Assistant – Farewell

Life is a journey. My four years at BGSU are coming to a close and so is my work at RCI Interior Design. It’s been the exclamation point at the end of a sentence too brief and I am forever grateful to Rose Toth for helping me along the way. About a year ago she […]

Life as a Student Interior Design Assistant- Part III

As a designer, I love to stay current with the changes in trends of materials and finishes we specify to clients. With tile having so many on trend options, it is easy to find the perfect tile product for any project. Prosource, in Maumee, has many tile selections for flooring and backsplash that are constantly evolving, among […]

Life as a Student Interior Design Assistant-Part II

As a design assistant, my work days are ever changing. Some days are spent in the office, drafting floorplans, choosing paints and other finishes for clients, or online shopping for just the right pieces to suit a client’s needs. Other days are spent on the road. Days spent on the road have given me the […]

Life as a Student Interior Design Assistant

Since I’ve started working for RCI Interior Design in May 2015 I’ve learned so much. One of the things I really love about working with Rose, Terra and the many vendors we visit daily, is their willingness to share with me their knowledge of the field. Work has almost become my escape from school. Being […]

Feeling Thankful

The holiday season is fast approaching and I thought it would be a nice time to share some of our favorite dining rooms.  As Interior Designers, we get to meet wonderful families every single day.  We love the opportunity to get to know each of you, your children and your pets.  We create spaces you […]

Designer Tips: Preparing for an RCI Interior Designer

When clients call to make an appointment with RCI, there are typical questions we ask… what project you have in mind, who referred you, timeline, pricing, budget and your home address where we will meet! Often enough, we come out to the home, and our new clients look a bit nervous.  Here are a few Designer Tips to […]

DIY Pin-spiration for the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is time to start the preparations! As friends and family gather, the family room becomes the heart of your home during the celebrations.  We’ve found a few pinterest-inspired DIYs that will help you bring the cheer and comfort of the season into your home for you and your guests to enjoy. Festive […]