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MarsalaThe 2015 Pantone color of the year has been revealed- Marsala! It’s a great cooking wine, but it also translates beautifully into the home. It’s a subtle mix of red and purple, a delicious wine color that can compliment many tastes. It could be a wall color, added as throw pillows on a sofa or in a bedroom, accent tiles, or even as hand towels in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s so versatile and, personally, I love to wear this color in the winter!

Below are some great ways that RCI has incorporated marsala into some of the homes they have designed. From deep reds to beautiful purples, all of these homes are clearly marsala inspired.

29This bathroom looks so regal and sophisticated. The reddish color makes the space feel warm and inviting, even though it is a bathroom. The sink and mirror reflect that as well,


RCI Interior Design

The curtains in this living space are so well done. They draw your eye up towards the fireplace and then right back down and around the room. I love that marsala doesn’t “pop” too much, so you can use it in large quantities, like these statement curtains, and it isn’t too overwhelming.


5aI love how there is a pop of marsala right above the cook top. The color is echoed in the other decorative pieces around the room, but clearly the star of the show is that marsala tile!


8The ceiling of this one is totally unexpected but it really works! The lighter color walls brighten up the room and the reddish hue makes the space feel more complete. The high ceilings help a lot to make the space feel spacious, but intimate as well.


14This kitchen is so warm to me. It makes me want to bake some cookies and grab a blanket! I love the color on the walls and I love that they chose a darker wood. The wood and wall color really compliment each other and make the space feel so inviting.


8bThis one is more on the purple side, but it doesn’t even matter! I love this space and how the color is reflected from the walls to the chair and then again on the pillows. It is not overwhelming and feels very very natural in this space.

Hopefully this has inspired you to incorporate some marsala into your life, and not just in your cooking!

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Tory from The Barmy Fox


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