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Using accent pillows in your home can be a great, yet simple way to add style and character to any space.  They can also be utilized in a space by bringing color into an otherwise neutral color palette.  Accent pillows are also quite inexpensive so accessorizing with them is something that nearly anyone could do.  Take a moment to look at some of the different ways that RCI has incorporated accent pillows into our previous projects!

The pillows in this project were utilized to add some pops of color where the furniture, paint, and rug were all neutral.  As you can see, these fun pillows add character to this space and without them, the sofa would be quite plain.  Accent pillows pop of color

Another way you could accessorize with accent pillows is by putting them on a side chair to help add some dimension.  This pillow uses a floral pattern that mimics the wall décor which makes the area feel and look more complete.  Accent pillow with pattern

You can also incorporate accent pillows into a space to bring in different textures to make a living space like this feel layered.  The plum pillows on the sofa complement the side chairs by using the same fabric, which helps complete this contemporary look.  Accent pillows with texture

Accent pillows don’t have to be used on just sofas and chairs, they can also be used on window seats in kitchens and dinettes to create a more comfortable setting.Accent pillows on window seat

Another area you could think about accessorizing with accent pillows would be in sunrooms.  Using pillows in this space help to bring out the colors in the rug and make it a bit more relaxing.    Accent pillows in sunroom

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