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A common question posed by clients we are working with or a new acquaintance who has just discovered what it is that we do for a living, makes a great and quick “Designer Tip” topic for today.

The question…”What color should my kitchen appliances be?”

Now, this question recently has a quick follow up question attached to it …”It has to be stainless, doesn’t it?!?!”

Have you asked yourself these questions? Please hear me when I say, No ….it does not HAVE to be stainless. Sometimes stainless makes the least sense, on occasion its because of lifestyle …stainless can be tricky to maintain, especially if you don’t love those water-spots! Other reasons to consider different appliance finishes…your cabinet color, your hardware color, fixture finishes throughout your home as well as the overall feel of your home.

“what other choices are there?” You can consider white appliances, they look great in a clean crisp white kitchen! Black appliances, great choice for complimenting wood grain, think about combining that with Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware! Bisque is still a nice choice with more of a creamy painted cabinetry and looks sophisticated with a brass light fixture or hardware. Stainless is a beautiful look for kitchen appliances, but not the only choice!

Sharp Black Appliances in this GREAT example!

Deep, dark and interesting with a black stove


Sharp Black Appliances in this GREAT example!


White Kitchen Cabinetry and White Appliances, a GREAT look!
White Kitchen Cabinetry and White Appliances, a GREAT look!


Lovely example of wood cabinetry with stainless appliances


2015-06-25 13.36.10
Elegant kitchen with white wood cabinetry highlighted with stainless appliances!


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