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Often our first interaction with a new client is over the phone. They call looking to get to know us better, how our process works, inquire about the fee aspect and what availability we have to meet. We love this first step, we love what we do and love talking about it!

It is also how we first learn about what it is that the client is looking for from us and how best to help them. Each client is unique and comes with a unique project and a unique style! It does sometimes happen that a client calls exasperated and exhausted, they have talked with their sister, conversed with their girlfriend even gotten input from the furniture store person on what they should do in their home.

As designers our BEST “Designer Tips” starts with being true to you! It can sometimes be hard to filter through everyone’s “helpful” input and remarks, but we have found that most of these are based on personal preferences. It’s your turn! Time to get excited about your home and project! Clip magazine photos, start a Pinterest Board, look into a Houzz account and contact a designer! We are here to listen to your desires, learn what is important to the way you and your family live in your home and make suggestions and design decisions based on YOU! So remember to “Be True to You”.

Mixing and Matching Makes a Beautiful and Unique Space
Mixing and Matching Makes a Beautiful and Unique Space

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  1. That space is SO fun! I love seeing how it came together! On the topic of the blog, being true to yourself and what you like is such great advice—getting help from a designer just makes the process easier and faster to make your space feel like “home”!

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