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Some may be surprised to see “designer” and “budget” next to each other….but they are equally important and heavily rely on one another. It’s rare that a client does not have a budget, so it should not be a topic that is skimmed over in initial conversations. RCI believes that a budget guides a project but does not affect the end results. How can that be possible? Designer Tip of the day …Budgeting. With our clients, we create a list of all the elements and aspects of their desired project, we look at the budget number and we itemize and break down the project from there. Typically we do this in a few ways…

It might mean, that we design the whole project and tell the client to start with three spaces or purchase a few pieces and wait a few months and then attack the next few things…. work at a pace you and your budget will allow.

Or, it might mean, that when we design the project knowing that the largest purchase and most used pieces are high quality and priced accordingly, you can then accessorize with lesser expensive yet impactful pieces from the TJMAXX or Target.

We never want to show a client something that is budget prohibitive. We always want to bring dreamy and designer looking, well developed concepts that are within budget, so that they can bring those dreams into their everyday living!

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