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Do you dream about the designer magazine pages and Pinterest pins of photo wall collages?

The RCI “Designer Tip” to creating those masterpieces can be simple, if you follow these little steps!

Layout your design and move the pieces around til most visually appealing to you.  You will want to flip the design upside down to create your measuring plan.

RCI Interior Design
Planning the Layout in the Office!
RCI Interior Design
The Before

Measure your frame at the top most corner, find it’s center point and figure in where the hanger is on the back…that will be where you place your first nail!

RCI Interior Design
Measuring for the First Nail

Then work your way across the top repeating the process, then down.  Remember to use a level for accuracy.

RCI Interior Design
First Row Up

Follow along with some photos from a recent project! Watch how this entry is completely transformed with a well thought out photo nook!

RCI Interior Design
One Side Done, One Side Started
RCI Interior Design
Just a Few More
RCI Interior Design

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