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When accessorizing your home items look and feel better grouped in 3s—positioning items to create a triangle adds interest and provides a sense of balance for the viewer.

Varying height and color (or different values of the same color) can add interest as seen here:

Notice how the lamp, dog statue and dark book balance one another by varying in height and light and dark tones—imagine how unfinished this would look without the dog or the book.

On the other hand, be aware of how your color pops balance when adding accessories to a very parallel design–keep items similar in size or color (or both) to maintain a sense of balance.

The triangle created by the sunburst mirror and the accessories on both sides of the mantle maintain a certain color palette to feel balanced in this very parallel design.

Triangles of accessories can be layered atop one another as seen here:


Notice the triangle created on the hood shelf as well as the large triangle created by the accessories on the left and right countertop and on the hood shelf. Triangles can be layered or can lean to one side or the other to create varying vignettes.

Now some advice on what not to do:

Don’t accessorise with lots of various small items unless they are corralled making them feel like one piece (think of a perfume tray or basket of decorative balls)

Strewn about these would look cluttered and messy but grouped together they provide color and texture and provide a piece for accessorizing.
Master Bedroom Before and After Long Distance Interior Design Online 2
You can see from this Before and After photo how the triangle principle really helped balance this design and made the items on the dresser feel beautiful and balanced rather than a cluttered eyesore.

Have fun accessorizing!

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