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There are so many different styles in window treatments, today we thought we would test your knowledge with soft treatments, here are some terms we use regularly when creating custom window treatments. Have you heard of all or any of these styles?  Test your designer knowledge…

Rod Pocket:

The pocket of fabric slides across the drapery rod and these are a nice choice for a casual space and when you want more volume.

RCI Interior Design
Rod Pocket Drapery
RCI Interior Design

Cartridge Pleat:

The cartridge pleat, which shows a rounded pleat hides the rod behind the curtain.

RCI Interior Design
Cartridge Pleat RCI Interior Design

Inverted Box Pleat :

This valance mounted on a board features inverted box pleats. Notice how there are box-shaped panels on the front side with the pleat toward the inside.

RCI Interior Design
Inverted Box Pleat RCI Interior Design

Pinch Pleat:

Pinch Pleat style is created by small pleats at the top of the drapes that are grouped or “pinched” into small bunches. This look is appropriate for more formal spaces.

RCI Interior Design
Pinch Pleat RCI Interior Design

Grommet Top:

Grommet Top draperies have metal grommets that help the drape slide across the drapery rod.

RCI Interior Design
Grommet Top RCI Interior Design

Soft Top:

Soft Top draperies/valances are characterized by the fact they have no tabs or hooks built in.  They are simply the fabric panels held onto the rod by clips attached to rings or sewn on to rings.

RCI Interior Design
Soft Top RCI Interior Design

Sometimes it’s fun to do something unexpected for draperies, like this artistic scroll to which we attached rings so the folded-top drape could be displayed in a unique way.

RCI Interior Design
Soft Top RCI Interior Design


Medallions are a fun way to bring both a touch of a metal finish and draw the eye to the draperies. Medallions are perfect for creating an arch.

RCI Interior Design
Medallions RCI Interior Design


Which of these styles surprised you? Which one is your favorite? We can’t decide!

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  1. Thanks for explaining the kinds of pleating that could be opted for when getting custom drapery. I’m interested in looking for a good company that provides those because I want to start sprucing up my bedroom. Adding window treatments to it might be something to look into.

  2. Thanks for helping me understand that curtains with pinch pleat design would be in groups of small folded parts at the top of the drape. I think I might want to get pencil pleat curtains for my new flat to achieve a certain look for my rooms. There is a theme that I plan to follow, and I hope that I can find these in a certain color that I also wanted.

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