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Windows in our homes come in all shapes and sizes and window coverings really add the finishing touches to any space. You may be familiar with several of the general options for window coverings like drapes/ curtains, valances, and blinds. Here we will show some of the actual names for the different types as well as how you can layer different types together.

 Draperies and Curtains







Draperies and Curtains

A- Grommet Curtain Panels

B- Another Grommet Panel, the contrasting fabric over top of the other is called an “Apron” so this is an Aproned Grommet Curtain Panel

C- Pinch-Pleat panels Hung on Rings (the rings are usually attached to the curtain by sewing the rings in or using a small clip like these below)

Curtain Ring clip

D- You guessed it! Another Aproned Grommet Panel

E- This Custom Arched Panel with Medallions at the top (instead of a curtain rod) and Tiebacks to keep the curtain open

F- Another Panel Hung on Rings, this one is just suited to the large size of the window and incorporates several fabrics

Onto our next category…

Valances and Cornice Boards

AChilds BedRoom HR pano


CDining-SunRoom HR 0471








Valances and Cornice Boards

A- Balloon Valance (in reference to the puffy style) with a Rod Pocket Installation (this can usually be identified by the ruffle at the top and the entire curtain being installed on a rod). There is also a roller shade installed underneath for added privacy.

B- This pleated valance is called a Sheffield Valance

C- Butterfly Valance (in reference to the pleated ends created by the ties at the corners of the valance fabric)

D- Cornice Board this style is simply upholstered around the board and there are Hunter Douglas pirouettes underneath

E- Box Pleat Valance with wood blinds underneath

F- This Formal Scalloped Valance with Side Pickups has traditional drapes underneath

G- Another Box Pleat Valance

H- These lightly Scalloped Valances in a Box Pleat style are lit from above for added interest and function

I- These Gathered Pickup Valances with pleated accents called Jabots (pronounced jah-boe) on the sides and a Medallion Accent

J- These are Scalloped Cornice Boards with Wooden Blinds underneath

And our Final Category:

Shades and Blinds

You have already seen several roller shades and wood blinds layered with other treatments and here are several featured as the main window treatment.


BDen HR 0370







Shades and Blinds

A- Textured Roller Shade

B- Roller Shade

C- Flat Roman Shade, as they are pulled up they gain some of the “hobbled” look.

D- Hunter Douglas Pirouettes with a side curtain panel and Cornice Box above

E- Tucked Roman Shade

F- Butterfly Blind, this photo shows them at the halfway open “louvered” stage

G- Another Shot of the Butterfly Blind, fully open

H- Panel Track System

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