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Ceiling Wallpaper RCI
Wallpaper on the Ceiling, RCI

A lot of people tend to be cautious of wallpaper because they automatically think of those old patterns in their Great Aunt’s house. Those old patterns can make a home feel very dated and wallpaper is not always easy to install or remove.

Outdated Wallpaper
Outdated Wallpaper

However, with the fun patterns  and colors available today a space can be transformed by wallpaper—even a small amount can add a lot of texture, pattern and interest. Wallpaper makes a great accent as we’ve featured in previous posts:

Traditional Hip Dining Room: HERE

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There are many types of wallcoverings in the market today including but not limited to:

Paper Wallpaper as well as Fabric Wallpapers (Borders are out, Accent walls & Accent stripes are in):

Modern Oasis
Modern Oasis

Grasscloth Wallpaper (and other natural textures like cork):

Grasscloth Wallpaper
Metallic Grasscloth Wallpaper

Glass Beaded Wallpaper:

Glass Beaded Wallpaper
Glass Beaded Wallpaper
Glass Beaded Wallpaper
Close-up view of Glass-Bead Wallpaper

Torn Paper:

Torn Paper Accent
Torn Paper Accent, RCI

Paintable Wallpaper:

Paintable Wallpaper
Paintable Wallpaper comes in white or off white and has a foamy texture that helps to absorb paint.

Semi-permanent or Removable Wallpaper (great for personalizing a rental):

As featured on Apartment Therapy
As featured on Apartment Therapy

Other than just putting wallpaper on the wall, what can you do with it?

Add it as an accent to draw attention to a feature wall:

Wallpaper Stripes RCI
Wallpaper Stripes, RCI

Add it as an accent behind art:

Wallpaper Accent RCI
Wallpaper Accent RCI

Make your own art out of wallpaper that has been framed:

Framed Wallpaper RCI
Framed Wallpaper RCI

Add it to an unexpected place to draw the eye around the room, like we did here on the ceiling:

Wallpaper Ceiling RCI
Wallpaper Ceiling, RCI

Or, add a pop of pattern to the back of a cabinet!

Wallpaper Cabinet Back RCI
Wallpaper in back of a cabinet, RCI

Where else would you add a little wallpaper to add some liveliness and pattern?

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