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I never listened to my parents when they told me how fast I grew up. I didn’t realize I actually had until I was applying for internships and apartments of my own. It’s a big step in the adult world when you have to pay your own bills and focus in on what you actually want to do in the real world. Out of the blue, I got an email notification telling me there was an Interior Design Assistant position available at RCI Interior Design. I applied, went through the interview process, got the job, and was ecstatic. I was about to be doing something that would prepare me more than any other job I have had.  Upon starting, I visited many different local businesses we used and did work with frequently. It blew my mind of all the work that went into a project, the different components that bring everything together in the end. I didn’t realize it until I actually had to do it. On my school projects, I had a blank slate and had the liberty of choosing anything and everything I wanted, but that isn’t realistic.

The clients and vendors I have worked with so far have been more than willing to help me in any way to ease my transition onto my new path. It was something different for me to apply my design knowledge and creativity with existing items. One client may love a piece of artwork that they want the room to compliment or maybe a client loves a couch and wants new furnishings that all work together. Regardless, it is extremely helpful to see all the different pieces of the larger puzzle. When told I had to write a blog and all the choices I had to write about, I didn’t even know where to start, so I started somewhere that was very real and eye opening for me. Interior design is so much more than making a room look pretty (although that part is really fun), it involves getting to know clients and working hard to produce something that they love and enjoy being in every day.

The short time working with Rose has already taught me so much. It has taught me that I can still apply my style even if I wasn’t the one who chose everything that has gone into the project. It has taught me there are so many pieces that can go into one project that I wouldn’t necessarily learn in school. Most importantly, I’ve learned that taking a big step into the adult world doesn’t have to be so hard, there are so many helpful people in the world that can make a transition like this easier than you thought. I can’t wait to see where RCI takes me and the amazing people I’ll meet along the way.

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