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In preparation for the Rehearsal, I needed to gather all of the bows from the 4 showers of Love and create the perfect “bowquet”!  I searched pinterest  and googled, but I kept finding a bunch of bow-messes!  I decided to document my own process in hopes it would turn out nice enough to post!  I think it did!  I collected ribbons and bows from each gift at each of the 4 showers!  Then, I sat down to design this “bowquet”.  Being an interior designer myself, I had to sort all ribbons and bows into sizes and colors.  Now I realize not everyone is as crazy as I am, but I made the time and I am glad I did!  Such a great token of love to use for the rehearsal. 

If you are willing to do this, here is my process:

Making the Rehearsal Bowquet
Making the Rehearsal Bowquet
One Medium Round Cake Cardboard- cut hole in center
Paper Towel Center- place through Cake Cardboard and cut slits to hold ribbons
Place largest Bow with Ribbons at top of Paper Towel Cardboard, staple in place
Rehearsal Bowquet, Filling in with ribbons
Rehearsal Bowquet, filling in with ribbons:
Fill in Cake Cardboard with largest bows first, then smaller ones.
Use long ribbons to create loops to fill in empty spaces.
Hide everything beneath by wrapping the paper towel holder with ribbon.
I used a stapler and hot glue.
Rehearsal Dinner Bowquet The final product!
Rehearsal Dinner Bowquet
The final product!
Fill the underneath with ribbons, hot glue and little waterfall loops.
Use the most special ribbon to wrap edge of cake cardboard.
Someone stamped their gift bow- this was perfect for the base.

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