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Believe it or not, accents and accent pillows can really bring a whole room together. They can be paired in unique ways to add interest to a space. Here are some of my favorite RCI projects that incorporate the use of accent pillows to bring rooms together:

In this space, the accent pillows give some life to the neutral tones in the sofa while also bring out variations of color from other areas of the room, such as the chairs and large painting. The pillows on the chairs are fairly neutral but subtly bringing out some of the green tones without taking away the beautiful boldness of the chairs.

This space is much different because the accent pillows are toning down some of the darker, bolder colors. The pillows bring out some of the lighter tones of the cabinetry and fireplace, while also introducing pattern to create some depth to the furniture. I couldn’t pick just one picture because showcasing the different angles shows how other accents are brought out in the room! Gorgeous!

2015-07-02 10.36.51

I love the angle of this picture because it shows many elements of the room from a closer point of view! The beautiful, dark reds are being brought out in these pillows that are introduced in the ottoman. The reds also bring out some of the warm tones in the wood furnishings that surround it. The layering of patterns creates a unique twist to this neutral sofa.

August 204.jpg

This space is distinct compared to the other spaces because this has a bolder color on the walls rather than the furnishings. The print on the chair brings out some of those blue tones that are introduced on the walls while the pillows tie the room together with bringing in some lighter neutral tones. (Not to mention that monogram pillow is adorable!)


Speaking of bold walls! This room itself is unique in the patterns and textures that are layered throughout. The rug is a focal point but the other larger pieces in the room such as the beige sofa, beautiful blue walls, and the vibrant orange chair create a fun and inviting space! The patterns in the pillows do a phenomenal job of bringing together all of the different colors in the room!


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