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Design is all about comfort, enjoyment and the connection a homeowner has to their space. I am excited to work with the RCI team and am thrilled for this summer weather!  I thought for my first post, I would ask Rose and Terra about summer inspired design.   Check out these little ways to add seasonal interest into the interior of your home.

Questions for Terra

Emily: In general, what inspires you when designing a fresh and airy look for summer? What are your summer design essentials and obsessions?

Terra: For me, summer is about keeping things casual. I like to see breezy, light window treatments in both texture and color, paired with a single pop like lime green or coral. This combo looks great in a living room, bedroom or sun room!

Emily: When choosing patterns and textures for a bright and breezy interior, what do you look for? Do you have any favorite summery pattern combinations from the past?

Terra: I do like to think outside the box when it comes to pattern and texture combinations. The key for me is pairing a few different sized patterns and mix in a texture or two while keeping a color palette in mind! Here is an example a recent client who was looking for new throw pillows to update her sofa…

image Pillow pattern

pillow patternimage (1)

Questions For Rose

Emily: In what ways can nature and the outdoors inspire your designs?

Rose: Nature and the outdoors can inspire design in many ways!  Texture and color come to mind first. We live in the Midwest and everyone I know enjoys weekends at the lake or planning a tropical vacation.  Right now, I am feeling very inspired by watery color palettes partnered with textural, sandy, neutrals.

Emily: Do you have any favorite projects where you feel you captured the essence of the summer season, whether it be a sun room, a patio area or elsewhere?

Rose: We have created unique spaces inspired by this watery, lush, blue & green palette over the years, and each look is very different and customized for their specific owner.

RCI PictureRCI Interior Design starfish blue agate

Watery palette and textural inspiration…
Simple Everyday Glamour, When you wake up to this, how can your day not be fabulous :D Sapphire & Jade Stained Glass Mandala by Micklyn

Emily: Do either of you have a favorite pinterest-esque snack or recipe clients could enjoy to really make the feeling of summer come alive within their space?

Terra: A new punch recipe I recently took to a barbecue IS summer in a glass! Cool, refreshing, and pretty simple… gotta love Pinterest!

Cucumber Punch

IngredientsCucumber Punch : I first tasted this at a ladies luncheon, and it was the most unusual, refreshing drink Id had. Ive served it numerous times since and always get requests for the recipe. Renee Olson - Kendrick, hairstyles


Source: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/cucumber-punch

Rose: I am loving zucchini from the local farmers markets and this is an easy and delicious way to cook them…

Bake Parmesan Zucchini



 Source: http://damndelicious.net/2014/06/21/baked-parmesan-zucchini/
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