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IMG_6207Hi there! This is Tory from The Barmy Fox. I’m so happy to be guest blogging for RCI Interior Design!

The Barmy Fox describes someone who is trying out lots of new things, crazy enough to go with it, but curious to see what happens. This definition is so spot on and really describes me as a person. The Barmy Fox is all about sharing stories, DIY, recipes, and spreading some love through the internet.

Personally, I’ve always had a passion for all things creative, whether it be painting, sewing, making, crafting, and especially organizing. Whilst I would not say that I am an interior designer, I would say that I love to decorate! Whether it be choosing artwork or paint colors, I enjoy it all!

During my time with RCI, I will be reviewing some of the projects they have done and choosing some that catch my eye! Maybe it will be a selection of bathroom sinks, or maybe I’ll review some awesome head board options-you never know! RCI has completed so many great projects, and I love looking through them and picking out my favorites.

Stay tuned for my next guest post and be sure to check out The Barmy Fox!

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