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One of the biggest trends in design that I have seen is in the kitchen. I call it the ‘two tone cabinet’, and I have liked it every time I have seen it! It brings a kind of modernness to some of the most traditional kitchens, and can show a little personality. My thought: if you and your family are going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen (hello dishes) then you might as well make it a place that you actually want to spend some time!

Here are some great examples of the two tone cabinet that RCI has done!


I looooove the beachy feel of this kitchen, and I love that RCI chose to incorporate the light blue on the bottom cabinets (in the island) as well as the shelves on the corner, and even inside the upper cabinets (the ones with the glass). I am also loving the tile around the outside of the island. Everyone knows that the wall portion of the breakfast bar always is the first to get dirty, because it’s where your feet hit! The tile eliminates those scuff marks and, the best part, makes it super easy to clean!


I also love the mix in traditional cabinets on the bottom and the white ones on the top. It makes this kitchen a little more light and airy on the top while still being grounded on the bottom. How gorgeous are those super tall cabinets!


Look at this gorgeous kitchen! I love the stove, cabinets and all the details that went into making this kitchen. Mostly, I like how the stove feels like grand central station. With the shelving above, the large white area on the top, and the columns on the bottom, this is clearly the focal point of the kitchen.

20141201_144451 Another classic white and brown kitchen. I like that no space is wasted near the ceiling, and the glass cabinets at the top are the perfect place to store some of that fine china!


I know I have written about this blue island before, but I keep coming back to it! I love that it is an unexpected color, and that they weren’t afraid to go a little bold with the island color (and with that sparkly backsplash!).

When thinking about your kitchen cabinets, it’s so easy to just go with what you know. However, don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit seeing as many families make the kitchen the main hub in their house! Working with RCI can give you that little bit of confidence you need to make a bit of a change with your cabinets, or even your whole kitchen or house! Give them a call or browse the blog to see other projects they have done!

Be sure to follow RCI Interior Design on Facebook, Houzz, and Pinterest to see more of their projects, and don’t be afraid to get in touch!

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