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As a design assistant, my work days are ever changing. Some days are spent in the office, drafting floorplans, choosing paints and other finishes for clients, or online shopping for just the right pieces to suit a client’s needs. Other days are spent on the road. Days spent on the road have given me the opportunity to meet some of the vendors we work with. I always appreciate their willingness to share their knowledge of the field with me. Each vendor offers a different service from the next, allowing me to learn the ins-and-outs of the different design trades as I work.

Some of my favorite days at work have been the result of visiting Chris and all of the employees at George’s Furniture in Napoleon. We often specify George’s when choosing the right furniture for clients as George’s is great for choosing custom furniture which can be tailored to fit each individual clients’ style and needs. Every sofa or sectional can come IMG_5056IMG_5049IMG_5057

in a different size or configuration and fabrics for each furniture piece can be chosen onsite. I love sifting through the hundreds of fabrics at George’s, picking just the right sofa, pillow and ottoman fabric combinations to solidify the “look” we intend to create for a project.

During a recent trip to Napoleon to choose fabrics for a client, Chris took his time to walk me around the showroom and teach me some “furniture lingo” and the detail that goes into creating custom furniture. Through Chris and working with George’s furniture, I can now appreciate the difference in the arm and leg styling of sofas, I know that the grade of fabrics and textiles of furniture can make a world of difference in its wear and lifespan and I understand the importance of specifying custom furniture to clients. Furniture from George’s can be tailored to fit within your style and budget. Because furniture defines the function and style of a room, I now understand that furniture matters most when redesigning your space. Choosing custom pieces is an investment  in good, quality furniture that will last and certainly allow you to express your unique sense of style.



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