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Since I’ve started working for RCI Interior Design in May 2015 I’ve learned so much. One of the things I really love about working with Rose, Terra and the many vendors we visit daily, is their willingness to share with me their knowledge of the field. Work has almost become my escape from school. Being a design assistant, I get to step out from behind my drafting table at school and experience the real world of design.


Recently, Rose and I took a trip to The Countertop Shop, a countertop design, fabrication and installation company we recently worked with during their remodel. During our tour of the new building to review the finished project, we were invited to go “behind the scenes” into their production room. Large slabs of marble, granite and other solid surfaces lined the walls and stood on racks waiting to be cut into beautiful islands, kitchen and bathroom counters. Witnessing how countertops are cut and sculpted was fascinating and gave me a better understanding of a material I have and will continue to suggest for the rest of my career as a designer.

I love going on these trips and developing a better understanding of the layers of work that go into interior design as a whole. So inspiring!


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