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Jessica: This space is so fun! What did this room start out as?

Rose: This space was an unused bonus space above the garage that a Grandmother wanted to transform for her granddaughters.

Before Granddaughter Room

Jessica: So this room was for children, what special considerations needed to go into this space?

Rose: The granddaughters are ages 3 and 5 and the space was going to be used for playtime and slumber parties at Grandma’s house so we needed to fit in several activity spaces and fun colors.

Jessica: Speaking of colors, what was the inspiration for this vibrant color palette?

Rose: Actually, the Grandma had found these fun comforters for the twin beds for the girls so we used that for our inspiration.

color story

Jessica: You mentioned activity spaces for the girls, how important was defining space in this project?

Rose: Very important. We needed to accommodate two growing girls and define spaces for all of these activities: general toy storage, movie time, dress up, tea time and other pretend play, space for dolls and clothes, craft space and of course sleeping space.

Granddaughters Room

Jessica: Something that really makes this space unique is the dress up space in the dormer window—how did you come up with this?

Rose: I knew we needed to use the dormer in a fun and different way that was geared toward the young girls, when I proposed that we make it into the dress up space with a curtain Grandma loved the idea!

Dressup Dormer

Jessica: What would you say is your favorite part about the space?

Rose: Probably the dress-up dormer although I really enjoy all of the activity and play stations in general. My favorite part about the project as a whole though would have to be when I was able to meet the granddaughters. It was so great to hear how much fun they were having and their favorite parts of the transformed space at Grandma’s.

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