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Today instead of interviewing Rose we decided to change things up and talk about a project designed by Terra!

Jessica: What was the client looking to achieve as far as changing their Dining Room?

Terra: The client wanted to update her Dining Room, she felt like she was stuck in a traditional design rut and wanted to update her space to feel more transitional.

Jessica: So what did you update in the space and what was maintained from her previous traditional design?

Terra: We selected a new paint color, window treatments, wall coverings (used on the ceiling and built-in), lighting and cabinetry hardware. We kept her original dining room table and chairs as well as the architectural cove molding and wainscoting and the carpeting.

Jessica: So you selected wallpaper for the ceiling and built-in cabinet back, what inspired this idea?

Terra: Well, I really think wallpaper is making a comeback—the new patterns and colors available have come leaps and bounds from what a lot of people think of when they hear “wallpaper”. Since we were taking her Dining Room from traditional to more transitional, it seemed perfect to use a traditional material (wallpaper) in an unconventional and contemporary way (on the ceiling and in the built-in rather than simply on the wall).


Jessica: The wallpaper really helps you take notice of the ceiling, what else were you able to highlight in this space?

Terra: We were really able to highlight her architecture in the space including the cove molding and wainscoting through the darker color and the color provided by the wallpaper on the ceiling.  The wallpaper and new knobs also brought a subtle highlight to the built in cabinet.


Jessica: Tell me more about the update to the oil rubbed bronze/ iron fixtures and how this brought the transitional feel to her space.

Terra: Throughout her home she was making the change to oil rubbed bronze and/or iron fixtures as she has been updating spaces over time. To help this space match as well as make it feel less traditional, the lighting fixture was changed (from a brass fixture) and the cabinet knobs and curtain rods were updated as well.

Jessica: Speaking of the curtains, you custom designed those yourself didn’t you?

Terra: I did! The client wanted something custom and special since this room would not be changed often. I chose grommeted panels because those are a bit more modern and I was able to bring in some texture through the pin-dot and linen fabrics. I also selected to add a thin red welt to separate the two textures and tie-in with the seat fabric on the dining room chairs that she already had as well as match her kitchen, adjacent to this space.


Jessica: So overall what was your favorite element of this space?

Terra: I really enjoyed how we were able to make her current furniture pieces feel fresh and new. The dining room table looks brand new and the chairs really have a place in this design despite their traditional styling. We were really able to bring out the beauty in her cove molding and wainscoting by bringing in a variety of values. Overall these changes felt new and fresh as she had hoped but it was still very true to her style.

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