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We are starting a new 5 part blog series called “Refresh Your Style.”  This series is going to help you learn how to refresh the current style in your home by making little updates such as de-cluttering, re-organizing, painting, changing textiles, and accessorizing.  These simple changes may not seem like much, but can make a huge difference in updating your home’s style!  Today’s blog will focus on de-cluttering your home, or getting rid of things.  When you are thinking about getting rid of things, it’s usually best to do one room or space at a time and to start on something small like a linen closet or medicine cabinet.  This way, you won’t feel too overwhelmed if you’re trying to do your whole house at once.  Then, once you conquer a smaller space, you can work your way up to larger rooms and feel more confident.  When organizing and getting rid of things in a room, you can opt to either throw them out, store them, donate them, give them to your family, or try selling them.  To help with these decisions you may want to ask yourself several questions.. Have I used this in the last year?  Does it hold sentimental value or meaning?  Does this item bring back special memories? Can I take a picture and create a scrapbook?  It may seem silly to ask these questions, but they really will help you decide whether it’s worth it to keep an item or not.  You can also eliminate clutter by limiting the amount of items you keep on a surface.  Décor always looks better in 3’s and 5’s, so there is no need to cram 12 different items all on one shelf.  This will help keep open surfaces looking clean and organized.

Before: Lots of items = lots of clutter
BEFORE: Lots of items = lots of clutter
After: less items = less clutter and looks more organized
AFTER: less items = less clutter, more organized, and more refreshed

Hopefully these tips on de-cluttering can really help you make your home more organized and keep your style updated and refreshed!  Stay tuned for the rest of our “Refresh Your Style” series so that you can learn more tips to complete the look of your home 🙂

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