Refresh Your Style Part 2: Re-Organize

“Refresh Your Style” Part 2 is all about re-organizing!  Re-organizing can make your space feel clean and new. There are several ways that you can organize a space differently to make it feel new, and one of those ways is to rearrange the furniture. With some quick and easy furniture moving, your room will look […]

Happy Holidays From RCI!

It’s that time of the year again!  With family and friends coming to town to visit for the holidays, it is important that we make our homes nice and welcoming for them.  Here at RCI, we all have our own different holiday traditions.  So for this post, we have decided to share with you some […]

Feeling Crafty: Rehearsal Bowquet

RCI Interior Designer, Terra Campbell- now Terra Davenport has gotten married! In preparation for the Rehearsal, I needed to gather all of the bows from the 4 showers of Love and create the perfect “bowquet”!  I searched pinterest  and googled, but I kept finding a bunch of bow-messes!  I decided to document my own process […]