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Summer Living: Part 3

In Florida, summer weather is year round and this lanai room (or screened-in porch) is made for family fun throughout the year. The outdoor kitchen provides space to store and create delicious snacks and the lounge furniture is comfortable and is upholstered in sun-resistant fabrics for long-lasting wear. With the pool in the adjoined space, […]

Summer Living: Part 2

In the midwest, you never know what our summer weather will be like! A covered patio is an excellent idea to get the most of your outdoor space.

Summer Living: Part 1

We’re very excited here at Rose Custom Interiors to share our thoughts, knowledge and designs with you! Since it’s summer time we thought we would start our blog off right with some rooms that showcase how design can be brought into exterior spaces as well and create a connection to the outdoors. The project above […]